Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fence Finale

The fence is finished and it is one of the nicest
fences I have ever seen. It will weather
to a silver grey like the cedar roof shakes.
The design adds a new dimension to their heritage home
 complimenting it beautifully.

I swear our friends must be master gardeners.
They seem to know how to paint a perfect picture with flowers
 a mix of rocks and garden lighting. As I  showed you before, the
solid lattice is 1"x1" thick, each piece notched to fit one over the other.
The top which you cant see is pitched like the slope of a roof of a house
to shed the water.

I have never seen this one before, 
Bottle Brush, isn't it so neat.

Next up,  a new shed 
for garbage and recycling that will match the barn.
I can't wait to show you when it's done as 
I don't think you will believe how nice it 
is going to be. 

Their gardens are so beautiful, they work so hard
on them and it shows.

It's hump day today for me and I'm stoked for the long 
weekend coming up. The rain has stayed for days and that's
ok with me because that means there is a good chance of sun 
for the long weekend. The drive-in is now open and it is 
one of our most favourite summer time rituals is to go
as much as we can. 
There is nothing like watching the  movies under the stars.

Hope your weekend is a good one too!


Claudia said...


It's stunning. Love the fence! We haven't seen sun in weeks.....can't wait for summer. Congrats to your husband!!
Take care,

Serendipitous Home said...

Hi Claudia,
Thank you so much!
Yeah I was just saying to Todd this morning that today is the very first weekend we could sit outside and drink our tea/coffee. That means that we have had a 7 MONTH winter!