Thursday, March 3, 2011

Barn Lights

Today I came home and found this nice little surprise,
Todd had painted the walls and the trim aaaaaannnnnnnd....

YES! he hung my absolutely favourite barn light sconces.
 I love them so much! 
As you may have gathered I am
a light junky. If my lighting isn't right then I'm so
 not ok. What I hate is that many times it's hard to 
 find what I love a in our bare bones budget but 
not these beauties, under $30.00 each.

 Don't you just love spaces that the lighting
takes and sets the stage for the room.
These have such a relaxed style and yet 
the brushed nickel finish is an updated necessity 
in our old house. I believe
when you have an old house you should give it new lighting
and when you have a new house, give it
old lighting.

The cabinets are painted with two coats of  
 semi-gloss latex enamel in Benjamin Moore's 
Oxford White and the walls are a custom 
colour of a light cream the same as the kitchen.

I don't have a before picture but I wish  you
could have seen this area before with it's crumbling 
 ivy wallpapered plaster walls  and tons of cold air 
coming in from the wall behind the built-ins. 

I am going to have to put my lamps for 
the bedroom on hold so that I can order the doors
for the built-ins instead and that is ok (it's not like we don't
already have some)
Todd has worked hard on this and I can't
wait to see it all finished. 
Well no one ever accused us of 
sticking to just one project until it's finished! Ha Ha!
Hopefully we can get the bedroom finished soon too.

Here is my really really REALLY rough sketch
of the design so you can see where the
doors will go and the beadboard which is not
too clear in the pictures. I need to find the perfect
brackets for under the middle cabinet,
 some nice baskets
for the open shelves 
and some artwork or 

We are tossing up between staining the floor and stairs the same as the 
bench top or paint in an extremely durable porch floor oil paint in

 Benjamin Moore's Manchester Tan that we
painted our front porch floor with. I think the porch paint
would be more durable and keep things light and airy as 
I tend to like but the dark wood would look nice too, 
what do you think? If we go for the paint then it 
will definitely not be done until the better weather to get
some ventilation. Oil paint fumes are very bad for your health.

This side has removable shelves so 
I can put a big bin of our one day pooches food
and yes it will probably be a big bin for he or she, 
as we have always loved big dogs.

Todd now thinks that it looks too good for an
ugly blue recycle bin and I sure do agree so if he's 
hip to transferring the recycles from a nicer bin
to the curb side bin every single week then 
power to him. We'll have to see how long that will 

This is going to be such a great overflow area for storage from the 
kitchen for bulk foods, infrequently used appliances etc and will be 
a great selling feature if we ever have to sell. After all  isn't it all about storage
these days!!

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