Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bedroom Quandry


I thought I would do some of my own relaxing today and
 ponder the state of our master bedroom while
someone else is nursing an extreme hangover from last
nights festivities (poor poor guy) in this room. 

Well not quite this room, this is how our  bedroom we currently use
as our master  looked  when we moved in.  Wow, it looks pretty scary
but I didn't see it that way then, I was smitten with the ol girl that had become our 
very own big beautiful century home. 
That's my stepson Josh peeking around the corner. What a cutey huh?

Although we have renovated the room by stripping wall paper off 
both the walls and the ceiling and kept the  original plaster, we  removed the  plaster 
 from the outside wall to insulate it and added crown moulding. I
have not given it any sort of attention after that and it shows.

We have one more bedroom to overhaul in the future and that will end up being our master and this one will be the office/exercise room so until then I still want to make some changes to this room to get
us by until then.

I did this little sketch a couple of years ago when I thought that we
would stay in this room. I now want it to look a little more
relaxed than this design feels.

Don't you just love dressers as night stands?! In a small bedroom I say they are a must.
Both dressers are cheapo second hand finds and the white one is being replaced by another $20.00 
kijiji find that as it is the exact same size as the dark one. They will both get a coat of paint to match each other. 

I found the chunky mirrors at our Real Canadian Superstore 
grocery store I think for $30.00 each and they may need 
a transformation as well. One thing for sure is the wall colour
has got to go! It's a dark room with east light 
and either needs to get more vibrant or go 
a shade of white. 
We have a new recycled paint line with premixed 
paint colours and I can get a gallon for under $10.00 with
 my staff discount. 

 I really hate east facing
rooms. I find picking paint for them a great challenge as I 
am drawn to cooler lighter colours and they end  up looking
cold or dead in this light.

We bought our antique burled walnut bed I'm guessing 
 maybe 7 years  ago and unfortunately the headboard 
veneer has developed a crack in the veneer due to winter dryness. We finally
invested in a humidifier for our home but the damage is  now done and a repair
would be expensive. Soooo, we are thinking of painting it. I'm just 
so terrified to paint a bed like this and devalue it and yet the wood is not rocking 
our world at all anymore.  I see this style of bed all the time 
painted with a antiqued paint treatment and think they are
just gorgeous and Todd is all for it.

So  I'm curious  what would you do, paint it or sell it and 
get something new to paint that is not an antique? 
What light wall  colours have you successfully used
in east facing rooms, I would love to know.

Please don't judge me on the length of my curtains, that is a 
goof up that I never corrected but will do with these changes.

I found this chair at Value Village years ago for just  $40.00 that  is a stunning
(I mean shocking)
colour of orange that hurts my eyes so I happily  covered it with a vintage
bedspread that I had. This chair is a dead ringer for the the spectacular Sarah Richardson's 
  Elsie Chair  (which retails for $2200.00)  and  I will get it slipcovered one day or maybe even 
reupholstered when funds allow.
I bought the mirror from work and it was  on clearance for  $30.00. 

The footboard has a chippendale style ball and claw foot. I would love
to know how old the bed is. 
I tried to find out but can't seem to get a date. I'm guessing
late 1800's or early 1900's.

I will have to do some more kijiji selling of items I no longer need  as I would like
to have  more modern lamps. I can then move these more feminine lamps that I have had for forever
to the guest room. I just love to reuse and recycle and  love even more
what it does for 
my pocket book!

So tell me is your master bedroom the room you have dreamed of? If it is I would love
to see what you have done or are you just 
like us and just haven't checked it off that great big fat to do list?

Hoping your 2011 is off to a smashing start.



Claudia said...


Happy New Year! Love the bedroom. Looks so relaxing. I love the mirrors on the night stand, the bed and chair. The design looks beautiful. Also your blog looks pretty. Thanks for sharing the different rooms. The color scheme and the decor of each room is so inviting and your home looks so comfortable and pretty. Can't wait to see more. Love to know the paint colors.
Have a good week.

Serendipitous Home said...

Happy New Year to you to! Hope you had a wonderful evening celebrating.
Thank you, you are too kind!
it seems to take me forever just to figure out the blog basics but it sure is fun isn't it once you get something new?
The dining room and our bedroom are both Pratt and Lamberts Moth Gray. The bathroom is Pratt and Lambert's Seed Pearl. The front hall is Benjamin Moores Palladian Blue. Front Porch is Cloud White. Back porch is Sarah Richardsons Para paint called Promise on the upper walls and Benjamin Moore Oxford white on the bottom. I forgot what the powder room is but it's a soft gray on the top and cream below (for now LOL!) Our trim is cloud white but I plan to switch over to oxford white both by BM as I prefer Oxford's crispness.

Hope it's a good one for you too.

Claudia said...


Thank you for the colors. They all look so soothing. I was thinking of doing Palladian blue in one oft rooms. Us it mire of a grayish blue or a greenish blue?
Sorry about the confusion in the last picture of the Dash & Albert rug. I corrected and added that it came from their website. I took a picture of it this afternoon. It's in our basement.
I just love the colors.
Thank you again for sharing the paint colors.