Saturday, January 31, 2015

Master Bedroom Daydreaming and a little more update!

Well February is here tomorrow and I cannot believe how the first month of 2015 has gone by in a blink of an eye for me. I am feeling so much better, have been walking for 50 minutes almost every night and not feeling fatigued after and it is such a huge relief to finally feel quite normal, to start doing things again.
Yay! Yay! Yay! I am literally doing a big fat happy dance!

Our master bedroom reno had come to a halt as I basically put off making any decisions last year and so Todd started to tackle the hallway to get that properly insulated now that the winter is here.

On one particularly low day for me, my honey surprised me with this stunning, ethereal photo of a horse that is the likeness of my gorgeous Jube I owned as a teenager. It took my breath away when I saw it, has stolen my heart and is the inspiration for this room. 

This burnt orange beauty was another Value Village find for $40.00. A solid and heavy, classic lined piece that will never go out of style and very deserving of a makeover with either a slipcover or if possible reupholstery. In spite of it's worn covering I love how it pops against the chalky white primed walls.

Although my chair is original, it is just like this custom designed Sarah Richardson's Elsie chair.

The honey oak narrow strip floors in the entire upstairs are in good shape mostly but a few areas do need repair so we are undecided if we should sand it down and stain it

or take a chance and rip up the 3/8's thick oak to reveal the over 100 year old gorgeous wide 1 1/2" thick wide plank old pine floors?

It would be so much easier to just sand the oak floors which are a cleaner look and the pine boards will no doubt have gaps here and there which is a more casual look but the patina and warmth and character from a wide plank floor cannot be compared. 
The other side of this argument is that oak is much harder where the pine will show dents and marks and of course dog nail scratches as well.
It would be interesting to hear from a real estate agent what is the more popular option for resale?

I am trying to be very patient with our delay in this project but it is so very hard when the quality of the light in here lifts me up so much and it just feels so good even as a raw and unfinished room that I can only imagine how much better it will be when it is done.

The monster of a bed although charming will not be staying as much as my honey likes it. He digs anything large and over sized and resembling elizabethan times, you know knights of the round table kind of stuff.
The back wall will either be a horizontal slat board design or perhaps a gorgeous wallpaper that we both like with a lower half wall wainscotting but I am having a hard time deciding which I prefer. I really wanted to hang pendant lights over the nightstands instead of having table lamps but was vetoed on that idea. I did find a great swing arm plug in wall sconce that may be an option instead of lamps as I do like to read in bed at night and they would serve as perfect task lighting.
 Either way I know it is going to be just dreamy!

So tell me, have any of you recovered old pine floors and are you happy you did?
I would love to hear of your experience with them.

Update! I found my camera that was recently misplaced and what a relief. I took a few snaps of the wallpaper I finally decided on for the back wall behind the bed and bought it yesterday at Lowes with a 15% off special they were having when you spend $300.00 or more. Todd needed a new compressor for work so it worked out great to make this decision and save money too. I'm hoping that the two rolls which was all they had in stock is all I need as I have no experience with wallpaper and am not 100%  sure. I know it all depends on the pattern etc and I have more square footage than I need so will have to see.
Isn't it gorgeous?!
I wanted something soft and airy but contemporary and this fits the bill and the budget too at $39.99 - 15%.

Here is a possible choice of greys that could be used for the other walls. It's a south facing room so all of these could work it just depends on how I want it to feel. Cool and airy or a little warmer like the one on the far left.

Here it is with the lovely horse picture and a throw I found that has all the greys in both the picture and the wallpaper.
Perhaps a pop of colour like this gorgeous teal pillow will find it's way into the room but I'm not going to decide on that immediately.

I am loving this swing arm wall sconce in satin nickel from Lowes for a great price and think it would look amazing against the wallpaper but I have a lamp fetish as well so will have to see, that can be decided at the very end once everything else is in place.

We got a nice dump of snow today, alas, our winter has arrived!

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Hello have not had time to "pl;ay on the computer for ages and remembered your blog from ages ago so glad you are feeling better and am now going to browse at your lovely photos I love your homex