Saturday, February 16, 2013

One of a Kind Coffee Table

I have suffered an advanced stage tooth abscess last weekend and let me tell you in case you didn't know, it can be a potentially serious threat to your health if not treated. I toughed out the pain since the dentist was closed until they opened Monday but should have gone to the emergency clinic as soon as my face started to swell. I just didn't realize that the infection could do things like cut off your breathing when you slept or  even worse cause heart problems if the bacteria went that way. 
After getting some antibiotics and taking a day off work to rest I'm at least out pain and able to chew again. I am scheduled for a root canal next week but am happy to be feeling better than I have in a couple of weeks.

Sooo let the long weekend begin!

I spotted this gorgeous coffee table at Restoration Hardware last weekend and it made me think of the stunning old door stored in our basement that we scored for $50.00 many moons ago. I believe I posted about it once before but sadly I recently lost the file of all my pictures I've ever posted on my blog and can't retrieve them so I can't be sure. 

If anyone knows how, please let me know, I would greatly appreciate it.

I have always loved the look of a larger coffee table with a rustic feel to it that says, come sit down, put your feet up, one that also has a place to spread out whatever you want on it to make your living room a multifunctional space. 

And here it is in all it's unique and stunning glory! It is half of a dutch door and what an amazing door it must have been in it's past life. I picture it coming from a luxurious horse stable.
I literally swoon when I look at this door with it's incredible cross design which nicely echoes the cross design on our side tables without them being a perfect match. Todd had previously started stripping it and never finished but I like it just as it is with the triangular recesses left with their old crackly paint.

I've got to figure out if there is a way to protect the wood without deepening the colour as 
I LOVE the colour of the natural wood.

and the reason why we didn't originally use this as a coffee table before is because I wanted my honey to have a nice cozy ottoman to put his feet on when he sits on the love seat to watch TV which meant there was only room for the smaller coffee table that is under the door.  Once it sat in place though, Todd said he was ok moving the ottoman to the other side of the room by the TV and it all looks and feels perfect to me. 


and we have these 8 amazing table legs kicking around that were given to Todd that we plan to use 4 of to replace the square legs of our kitchen table and I wondered if it was worth chopping them considerably for the legs of the coffee table.

We would have to cut off the bottom square part and then most of the top square part and I'm not sure I have the heart to do that when they are such amazing taller legs that would cost quite a bit to replace.
Maybe I can find shorter fatter legs that wouldn't be too expensive but if not we will have to improvise.

I also grabbed this Ralph Lauren coral pillow on a brief stop in Home Sense last weekend to see how a bit of colour feels in the space. Hopefully this weekend I can finally get to Designer Fabrics to get some pillow fabric samples and am still torn what direction to go but feel that I will find just what I'm looking for when I get there.

I hope you all have a great Family Day weekend!


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Sorry about the toothache. I love the coffee table!

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