Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pillow Scaping

I am desparately wanting to perfect our living room of it's finishing touches and get it pulled together with the perfect mix of colour and softness. Here are some inspirational photos I found that I have fallen in love with that feel both so beachy and pretty and am considering. I am torn between more subtle as I always admire photos that have pops of colour in them and something more subdued.

I could see mixing a little coral like this with a pretty blue solid pillow that is a little deeper than the walls

or go with a stunning soft selection of strips and prints in blues, greys, creams and beige.

 Most of the pillows I find on line or see in stores that I fall for are way out of the budget so making your own is really the way to go if you sew  and lord knows I have enough inserts with the pillows I have already so I don't have to buy new ones.

If I could, I would throw in just one or two pretty floral pillows like this one from Tonic Living but my honey is not a fan of anything floral in our home so I will have to pass on it.

and I also am hoping to check out Cobi Ladner's new line of drapery and fabrics this coming Thursday night at Michael Penney's new store in Whitby. Cobi will actuallybe there and it will be so nice to actually meet her as I have always admired her when she was Canadian House and Home magazine's editor. She seems like such a nice down to earth unpretentious person  and she has created Cobistyle a wonderfully colorful and fun home accessories and fabric line that is full of personality and charm.  

Hope you are having a great weekend!

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Claudia said...


All the pillows are lovely....I am looking for new ones...I need to add some color to our couch. I am off to a new store close by and it looks like a beautiful store Setting the space ( from the outside. All the pics of your house are beautiful!
Can't wait to see final pics of your living room.
Take care,