Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Bathroom Reno and A Unique Basement Reno

Happy New Year! I know it's a little late for that  but it has been a pleasant break from the computer and work too.
We had an entire week off together at Christmas and chose to do nothing but visit family and friends and then just relax. I actually felt like a completely different person and had some clarity on some details I want to change in our main bathroom in the next bit and no this is not our bathroom.
It is a bathroom that Todd recently renovated along with the husband who wanted to help do some of the work. 
They are such nice people and I think they chose some really gorgeous fixtures for their bathroom.
I would kill for this tub, pure heaven to soak in. The customer thought when she bought the tub from Rona  that the wood bars could be remove from the tub as she didn't prefer them but they were not removable so she is going to paint them a dark grey.

 The customer ordered the custom glass for the shower with a well known Newmarket bath company but for some reason they had dropped the ball and a month after the order was taken they didn't even have the order placed so on Todd's recommendation ended up using Stouffville Glass and got great service. 
When the installer came to measure and then install he said that this shower was the most level and accurate shower he has measured for and his job to install was done in half the time as a result!
Nice work honey!

She also chose a beautiful stock vanity also from Rona that is a contemporary twist on a traditional style and has a stunning grey and white marble top and soft green crackle glass inserts on the doors and drawers. 

Jewelry as lighting is pretty and sparkly from Rona as well. 

You may have guessed it, this is the ladies bathroom. 
She purchased the mirrored dresser earlier and it is the perfect girly, glamourous piece for this space.

This bathroom is layers of grey from the softly textured porcelain floor tile to the soft dove grey on the walls and I think she did such a beautiful job of designing her bathroom. 

We hope she enjoys her new spa bathroom for many years to come!

This is a previous job that Todd did on a Heritage home's basement and I think it is nothing short of amazing. Maybe one day ours will look like this. The railing was made by the homeowner out of copper pipe and he also made the stairs which widen at the bottom.

Old rubble stone foundations ideally should not be insulated and drywalled over. The old floor was dug down 2 feet and Todd carried the dirt up the stairs in buckets by hand as they could not get a conveyor into the basement through the windows! He filled a 30 foot decommissioned well with all the dirt.
No one can ever say my guy is lazy.
You can see where the rubble stone ends is where the old floor was.

Then each stone was cleaned and carefully carved of it's excess mortar to reveal the individual stones and colours which creates such a stunning and dramatic statement in the space unlike any other.
Now look closely at the bottom of the stairs, stones were added to clear acrylic in the floor to look like a puddle of water at the bottom of the stairs. The homeowner has such great ideas and sense of whimsy!
(oops someone forgot to put their tool belt away)

Large boulders were left in place or strategically moved to certain places and some even had steps built around them.
Red was an accent colour and the homes signature exterior accent colour as well as the Heritage barns colour. 

A custom wine cellar was also added as well to the basement along with a new laundry area 
(not shown)

along with a pea gravel floor for those possible tipsy times when you accidentally drop a bottle and works like a charm!

Another large boulder left in place marks the entrance to the cozy sipping nook complete with artwork hung on the stone walls and pieces collected from the homeowners travels.

 This was a lot of hard work but I know Todd is so proud of this very unique job he shared with the homeowners and even gets to enjoy it when he is invited for a glass of wine every now and again.

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