Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Stencilled stairs

Well Hello!
I have been so MIA lately. To be quite honest I haven't felt much like being on my computer when I get home from work.  I don't know about you but doesn't it seem like there is less time to do things after work now that the days are shorter? 

I have been doing a few small things here and there and wanted to show you our stairs that I added the simplest stencil to literally in minutes by just peel and stick. The quote is such a simple motto that is a nice reminder to me every time I pass by, to focus on the positive in life. I purchased it quite some time ago for about $10.00 if I recall correctly and had it stashed away in our upper back porch until I found a place for it.

I had previously told you that I wasn't sure about the solid turquoise stairs and may still paint the riser white but when I added the stencil,  the touch of black made me like them a little more like this. I have also hung some gorgeous beachy water colour artwork my mom painted and gave to me along with some other pictures and  a new lamp to our hall but I will share more photos once I finish a little something else that I have been meaning to do.

I also purchased for Emma, after going back 4 times to look at it and after reading all the great reviews  a new bed from Bowser dog beds. The reviews say that they last a long time and don't compress like the others do and are machine washable. This one is the doughnut style in Courtyard Grey that she just loves to curl up in  and I love the dark grey and white designer pattern which looks great in our living room.

So far I have half decorated  the house for Christmas and look forward to finishing the rest over the rest the of the week. We have been blessed with unseasonably unsnowy weather and that suits me just fine. It can hold off until Dec 24th and I won't be disappointed. 

I hope you are enjoying this time leading up to the holidays and making each moment of preparation a fun one. 

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