Sunday, November 18, 2012

I Dream

I started this blog when I turned a corner with my health. After being so sick, severely hypothyroid for years, I miraculously discovered here what natural thyroid hormone in the place of synthetic thyroid hormone and hydrocortisone could do for me  and it has no doubt made incredible improvements to what how I feel and what I can do each day. Where I was once trying to figure out how I could quit my full time job as a kitchen designer (which I love) because I was just so bone weary tired all the time, I was finally able to go to work and then come home, actually walk the dog and make dinner without the consequence of utter exhaustion. 
I won't get into the details but I'm still not 100 percent recovered and need to find the answers why I am not there.  I have so many dreams to fulfill.

I look around at my home and know what is wrong, know what needs to be done to fix it but as long as my health is still compromised I cannot seem to muster up the energy outside of work, walking, making all our home cooked meals and doing the every day chores to
"get"er done." 

When I look at the pictures of myself in my twenties, I cannot believe I am the same person as her and what has happened to my health over the past years as a result of having my thyroid removed from cancer and being on a synthetic thyroid replacement hormone that only replaces 1 of the handful of hormones your body needs to survive. That girl had the world in the palm of her hand and she had the energy to do anything she wanted.

This is my husband's  garage which we jokingly call "the shed" since it was built in the early 1900's to fit a small model T ford  but I dream of one day making it my own little store that I can open on the weekends in the spring, summer and fall selling beautifully painted second hand gems. 
I have always had an eye for the diamond in the rough and I pray for another miracle.

I can't tell you how much I just want my old self back, the one that doesn't know the meaning of the word can't so I can make my dreams come true.

Now I must figure out how to connect the last few dots.......