Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dark Stripe Sail Boat

Here she is, the sweet little painting that I just could not resist from Lori's wonderful on line store,
White Flower Farmhouse. 
It is an early birthday present to me from my honey
and he was quite happy to oblige! (lets him off the hook now doesn't it)

She is titled "Dark Stripe" and the turquoise, white and charcoal is perfection to me. 
I have once again been having some up's and downs physically, frustrated by being unable to get to the changes of repainting the hall  and so the arrival of this package just lifted me up.

If you are as enamoured by her as I was then you must keep checking Lori's store to see if she will have for sale more of these little paintings created by a well known New York artist and friend of hers who allows Lori to sell them for a steal of a price as long as they are not signed by her.
(she sells her signed artwork in galleries for thousands of dollars)

Have a wonderful week!

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