Monday, April 2, 2012

Second time stain

Hello! Today the sun is shining brightly and it lifts me up.
We have successfully restained the floors and here they are with two coats of water based gloss poly. I will not lie and say this was an easy time this past bit, just the opposite exactly. The process had me spending an entire day custom mixing up stain colours last weekend to find the right combo. The result is one that suits our home beautifully and the feeling I'm going for.

Sorry if my paragraphs aren't consistent, but every time I go to another picture to type it won't keep the same allignment that I had previously and I don't have time to research how to fix that.

Ok, so please ignore the wall colour here as it does nothing for the floors and it will be changed of course but you can see that this water based stain goes on so even. Maple is a hard floor to stain without blotchiness and I am thrilled with the coverage.  Todd has been doing an amazing job  retrimming out the doors and it is quiet a challenge as the drywall is flat unlike the previous plater walls and the trim was warped and since we want to keep all we can of the original materials he works hard to make it look perfect!

The colour also works very well with the pocket doors that are a deep amber shellac and we are keeping them original and not painted them out.

Since there are two more coats of poly to go on, I can't place anything in the room to give you a colour prospective but my peace lily is a good comparison for you to see. I really did toy around with the idea of a darker stained more brown floor but just couldn't bring myself to do it.  Our kitchen was once a deep rich brown and it showed every scratch and water spot, a nightmare quite honestly. They look nice in pictures but they are  just  not me and  our 2nd level floors are a rich golden honey oak  which I was keeping in mind  when I made my final decision for better flow in our home.

We had a great big discussion one night past, and concluded that if we were to do it all over again, would do so many things differently (had money allowed) such as renovating the entire main level at one time and not in steps like we have done. It is too stressful to live in one room while you reno the others, trying to keep dust and mess from ruining your previous hard work and we would not have had this flooring fiasco trying to match up two different floors.  I envy those who have been able to do just that.

Have a great day!


Cortney said...

Your floors ended up so beautiful! I am totally in love with your home and am so glad that I found your blog a month or so back. I'm enjoying reading about your renovation projects! Quick question- where did you buy the little white round table in your laundry/mudroom? We are looking for something like that- and yours seems perfect!


Serendipitous Home said...

Hi Cortney,,
Thank you much! The table was given to us and was made by my stepson's father-in-law. It is not a complicated construction and so if you need a good picture of just the table so you can see if a carpenter can make you one, I would be happy to send you one.
I have seen some similar at our Home Sense here in Canada which I think is like Home Goods in the US.