Wednesday, April 25, 2012

9x's a charm paint color and lamps?

We were busy this past weekend painting away and it was still quite a challenge for me to get the right shade but thank the heavens! we are finally there. 
I found these lamps recently at Home Sense as well and do utterly love them completely, the glass, the greyish linen drum shade but am unsure if they are the right style for the living room. So the question is do I keep them anyway and find a place for them somewhere else if not the living room since they suit the Nantucket beach half of my style or return them to find something else? I just placed them on top of our living room mantel that has been removed temporarily while we did the floors to snap a pic catching the chandelier in the background that will be in the dining room to see how they may or may not coordinate.

I wanted to show you why I'm proud of my honey's work. When he removed the crumbly plaster and drywalled the mouldings did not lay flush against the walls in many places. Some guys would just slap them on and fill the gaps with tons of caulking but not my guy, he made a precision profiled shim to fill the space correctly.  All these little things are time consuming but we want to do it right not fast.

So after testing many versions of blue I finally got  the hue right by custom mixing a couple of colors I'd tested that was not to powder blue, not too green or grey and painted a larger area to be sure, lived with it for half a day and then realized it was too dark for me, heck I was having a hard time putting any paint on the walls truth be told. I get my way most of the time but Todd simply will not live in an all white home, it just feels to cold to him.

and alas, without telling him I lightened it up, and rolled it on a full wall. Unfortunately he noticed the difference before I finished the wall, was not pleased that I didn't mention it but in the end he liked it and when the entire room was done, kept telling me how much he likes it.
YES! Now I can't tell you how sublime this color is. It is truly the most pretty shade of robin's egg blue I've ever seen and I'm not just saying that because it is my very own custom shade, 
I just love it especially against all the white of the coffered ceiling and the extra high base boards.
I feel so blessed!

 The discs on the backs of the sconces were painted out as well to let their pretty scalloped shape shine.
I am really happy we put them in this room.

 We still have to paint the rest of the trim but we just could not help ourselves and placed some of our furniture in to see how it would feel. 
I originally wanted to just have blinds on the window but wonder if curtains will look better. 

I also wanted the right shade of blue that was not too cool when looking into the kitchen

I think Todd is going to work on the built-ins this weekend for either side of the sofa. 

I told him that if I had known that it would take this much money, blood, sweat and tears when we first bought our home, I don't know if I would have bought our home. But now that we are seeing the fruits of our labour become more than what we ever imagined,  I am so glad we did.

I'm not sure how people can rip out all the wonderful character in an old home to create a modern home. To me there is nothing like the character of original trims and hardware. We were so lucky to find a home that had not been stripped of it's beauty.

And now that I've chosen my perfect shade of heavenly blue this pretty chandelier will be moved into the dining room and the hallway will get painted a neutral warm cream or tan color to balance the blue living and dining rooms and tie in with the warm tones in the backsplash and granite in the kitchen.
I will replace the chandelier with my all time favourite light, a moravian star light.

and last but not least this is a little sneak of a wonderful decorative accent that I also found at Home Sense the same day as the lamps. Although I love to decorate with shells, I don't want our home to be to themey, just the suggestion of a the beach and this guy does just that for me.

Hope you are having a great week.

I'm still not sure where to view my dashboard on the new blog format and would love to read what your up to lately if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear if you could leave me a comment I would appreciate it.


Cortney said...

That blue looks so perfect! I just love seeing how things are progressing. Your painting of the ocean above the couch is so pretty- did you paint it or buy it?

Serendipitous Home said...

Thanks Cortney! Oh gosh no, my mom is the incredible artist but I snapped that painting up from Home Sense which is like Home Goods in the U.S.

take care,

Muddaritaville said...


Your home is looking amazing! You and Todd were meant to be the owners of that home, no one would give it a face lift that is as perfect and you have.

Do you follow Miss Mustard Seed's blog? She recently announced that Homestead House contacted her about launching a Milk Paint line in her name. They are launching in June.
I know you love their milk paint so I had to share that with you.

PS. I haven't posted anything lately, lots going on.