Friday, February 17, 2012

An amazing find

I am squeezing in a post tonight as I have accidentally cancelled my internet service with my provider before I get my other provider's service going.

I was so busy  at work today with our amazing 15% off kitchen promotion that I barely came up for air.
So on my lunch hour to clear my brain I did my most favourite thing and hit a thrift store that had recently opened up and would you look at what I found!

It was sitting outside the store with no price tag on it along with a few other nondescript items

 and I passed by it to go inside the store for the first time feeling really good about my new haunt, hopeful that more goodies awaited me but unsure if the prices were going to be fair. 

They were!  I paid $25.00 for this gorgeous chair and am thrilled. 
Her finish is worn or it looks a little scraped off for some reason and she needs a good
 steam cleaning but I will figure out where she will go before deciding what I will do with her. 

I have always, always loved these chairs and are the same style of chairs as the ones  in my favourite dining room but just one of them is enough for me.

And here you can see Restoration Hardware's version that is regularly $389.00!

It was dark when I got home and so I snapped these shots in our unfinished living room.

Renovations have slowed in there but you can see the window is trimmed.
I will show you more once we get a bit more done.

Cost of one classic pedestal table  that needs TLC (still) free!

Cost of one timeless quality side chair $25.00!

Cost of peace of mind for being frugal, priceless!

Have a great weekend!