Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lantern vs Chandelier

Hi everyone, I hope you have been enjoying January so far. 
I have been feeling on average pretty good with a few blips along the way and am excited to get started on my studies this weekend.

I recently posted about finding a large outdoor candle lantern to turn into an a electric lantern for our dining room for what would be a total of about $60.00 and felt that the rooms square and smaller proportions would suit a round table perfectly to go with it, sort of like this dining room.

But then I happened upon a stunner of a dining room on Houzz that really had me second guessing that decision. Now I admit I am not savvy at blogging,  since I  have to choose between sitting on the computer blogging or other things that will improve my health like walking, cooking, sleeping or just plain old resting which does win most of the time. I was not able to figure out how to import the picture from Houzz to my blog post but I was able to find instructions how to put it as a gadget on my side bar and I named it Dream Dining Room if you want to see what I mean.

That dining room wasn't even styled properly for the photo and it made my jaw drop.
It had such stunning contrast between the unfinished texture of the driftwood coloured table from Restoration Hardware and the incredible sparkle of the clear glass chandelier dripping with tiers of crystals. I even loved the colour of the floors as they were not your typical dark stain. I need light and airy.
When I showed it to Todd he thought it was nice too and that he could make us a table like that which was the traditional rectangular shape.

Although I may not find a budget friendly nice looking clear glass chandelier, we could go for this one from Home Depot for the same effect and perhaps spray it white. I've put it's smaller version in our main bathroom and just love it.

And he could replicate this real antique refectory table easily.
My brother has some 2" thick  x 12" wide antique pine that we will buy off him to make it. 

I also love this style of pedestal table and they all are priced at $1000.00 and up so that is not an option.
Then last weekend we happened upon this similar table at Pier One Imports and it was just under $500.00 but is only 42" wide with no leaves to make it larger. It also was listed as MDF on their website
so it is a no go based on that too.

I will save diligently for a Dash and Albert striped rug for the living room or the dining room and the indoor outdoor ones are the way to go if you have pets. They can be hosed down and even bleached to remove stains. What could be more perfect, good looks with practicality.

Also, I recently found this picture of a living room from either Country Living or Country Home that remarkably has most of the elements of our living room that I have already designed.
We will have the coffered ceiling, built-ins with closed storage below and a focal wall of art in the center, cross design tables, a round pedestal table, ceiling fan which we may or may not do as I do not like the way they look in main living spaces but they are practical in the hot summers  and slipcovered sofas.  The difference is our sofa will go where the fireplace is and I prefer a much crisper white in my rooms but the bones are fantastic and I'm happy to actually see a room so similar to my design.

I still have my eye on this great moravian star light also from Home Depot and will hang it in our hallway somewhere.

This has to be one of my favourite hallways. It as such style and yet is so functional as well.It is Suzanne Dimma's, Canadian House and Home Magazine's editor and those hexagon floors are so different and stunning. We are either going to do them in our hallway like she has or lay rectangular tile in a brick pattern and band the perimeter in hex tile. 
It will depend on the colour choices as black is a little to jarring for our space and white is a cleaning nightmare. Can you believe she is getting ready to renovate this house again! I love it just the way it is.

Have  a wonderful weekend!


Muddaritaville said...

I absolutely love the Dash and Alberta area rugs, I will have one myself someday. I was just looking at that table at the Pier One website yesterday. What about the Ikea Liatorp table, I think it's around $300 but maybe you could find one on Kijiji.


Serendipitous Home said...

Hey thanks Jo! I have seen it before and what's nice is that if I recall it comes with a leaf to expand it. I have been on Kijiji and there are a ton of round oak tables that can be painted and they usually sell for a decent price so that is an option too.