Monday, June 27, 2011

Almost Free ORB Lighting

It is a picture perfect summer day and I plan to truly enjoy it. I have been laid up the past few days but yesterday I was feeling better and I managed to do a few small and easy things that made me feel good. So while my Mr. Wonderful was working through the weekend doing this a few doors down

I grabbed a can of this amazing spray paint.

and sprayed and sprayed and got this $2.00 light looking snazzy, and ever since I spied one almost the same in the hallway of Sarah Richardson's farmhouse stairway I have wanted one.

And then I sprayed this one that had I had previously sprayed a silver (ick) and found for $20.00 at Restore. Once it's dried I will put the glass panes back in. I need to put smaller bulbs back in too. I think it would be a cute guest room light.

But the real deal is this incredible hurricane light, you see the lovely young  couple that own the home that Todd's renovating, gave it to us! When Todd asked me if I wanted it I said HECK YA!
I have always loved hurricanes and you simply cannot beat FREE!

We plan to renovate (hopefully) our  living room by the fall (or at least before the snow flies) and so we will pack up the dining room and make that our living room during the reno. It was the living room once before as you can see here and so Todd would like to hang it in here instead of the chandelier. I'm not sure I will prefer it but the guy really does deserve a say every once and a while. LOL!

I've been selling up a storm on Kijiji and have now have enough money to get this for our upstairs hallway and I can't wait.

Well I'm going to put the final coat of paint on my $18.00 window box for our garage which will get planted with these purple and white shade loving beauties.

and these brackets to hang it with that Todd added the L shaped backing to for me.

 They are leftover Ikea brackets from our mudroom shelving and so cost nothing extra.

Well I'd better get off my butt and get out there. I hope the sun is shining for you and you are having a great day!

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