Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Christmas

I am so happy that  this year was a little different than others in that I had the energy to make our home a little festive but just a little sad that once it was done I was not able to share it as  we  then lost our internet connection and only got it back today with help from tech support.  I was treated to a wonderful faux beauty for my birthday that was on sale. I have drooled over this type of tree as it looks so real and passed on the expensive price tag in the past but we waited long enough into the season to get a great deal. I already had the soft blue, soft sage, cream and turquoise decorations for the tree and added burlap and sparkly stars for a more relaxed feel. 

The bookshelves are now painted and we just have to add the doors to the bottom section .
I recently discovered a great store called BouClair that used to be just fabrics and now is home decor and  I found some star fish votive holders on sale for our table.

Although my colour scheme is not red I love these berries and cannot part with them as a dear friend gave them to me and I love how they have a look in our  mudroom on the open shelves.  
Ok now isn't this the most beautiful fauxliage you ever saw? Well now I kick myself that I didn't buy two for the garage since it was only $18.00  but we are on a very strict budget so  I will get over it. 

I'm still digging our Boca Raton blue door even in the grey of winter, it is a happy splash of
colour that greets me each night I come home.

Now our front hall is a is not at all complete, actually there was a homemade deacons
bench right here that we replaced with a more functional table that I found on Kijiji and painted white. Once we added
 built-ins to the dining room we had a piece of baseboard that was removed that could fill the gap where the deacons bench was (still need to touch up the paint though).    

This little guy holds a special place in my heart as it was gift to me when I was in the hospital for my cancer surgery and a 5 day stay turned into 6 weeks which  included both my birthday and  Christmas. When it was lit at night it filled me with comfort during some really tough times. I added some new decorations that I had and it makes me smile every time I go into our hall.

A  perfect tree topper

I sprayed my PEACE sign a soft blue green for a subtle but important message

I have really missed catching up and can't wait to read what you are all up to. I am so lucky we have time off this year and look forward to relaxing! I hope you are having a truly wonderful holiday with your family and friends.

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Claudia said...


Gorgeous pictures! Your rooms look beautiful with all of the Christmas touches. Love your tree, mantel, and your mudroom. I also love the book shelves in your dining room. Can't wait to see how you fill them up.
Happy New Year!