Friday, December 10, 2010

Kijiji Love!

I sold this antique  pendant light on Kijiji to a very appreciative buyer for her new cottage that is being built in the arts and craft style. It was a hard decision for me to sell it because it is original to the house but I have my heart set on a much different lighting style for our home. It was fun to meet her as we share a love for antiquing and now have plans to hook up to go to an auction that's close to my work together. Bonus on two parts!

and so  now 

 I could afford to treat myself to this little beauty. We renovated this bathroom a whole 9  years ago and have had a few different inexpensive second hand fixtures in here and we were always moving on to another project or didn't have the cash and so I am thrilled to finally have a pretty chandelier in here!
I love the contrast of the aged bronze finish agains the seed pearl walls.  Of course it's set on a dimmer for just the right soak in the tub kinda light.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful getting ready for  xmas time!




Claudia said...


Love the Chandelier in the bathroom. So pretty!

I am new to the blog world and still having trouble posting or adding pictures. I wish there were classes on this.
Have a good weekend.

Serendipitous Home said...


Oh no, you are so humble, your blog looks fabulous! I do know of a course you can take and if you go to Amy's blog on my blogger list simply sugar and gluten free, she has taken it and promotes it on her blog.
Maybe one day I might save up for it but it's not a priority right now.