Saturday, October 9, 2010

So Thankful

Just a few things that I am so very thankful for. 

To see a beautiful sunrise from my window

From our front porch
 looking at the sun coming up over
 the farmers fields just to the east of our home

We have been so blessed with the most amazing fall weather so far and also for our thanksgiving weekend. I'm not an early riser like some (whom I envy, I really do) as I need 8-10 hours sleep every night but on those mornings when I do catch the first glimpse of the suns rays, it's crazy but I get a little giddy seeing it  start to dance it's beautiful golden rays on everything.

What the sun does (no photo editing) to the colours of
our front garden

To drive through God's country to work each day
On the way home one day last week
on one side of the road

and such beauty on the other side too is
sometimes too much to handle, takes my
breath away

 Every day I drive to and from work, my eyes drinking in the surrounding hills, trees, farm fields that I am so very  lucky to view 5 days a week.  I drive 40 minutes east from my small town through God's country and when I tell the my customers how far I come to work in their small town  they ask with surprise, why? I tell them how I love their little town on the lake where everyone is exceptionally friendly and that driving in the country beats driving to the city any day.

For  fresh, healthy and 
abundant food

Gluten free turkey burgers, asparagus
 and mixed greens salad

I use a big bowl for maxing out
on salad

It is an incredibly fortunate thing that I can go chose from 3 different farmers markets on my way home from work for the freshest food and meat possible and just 15 minutes the other way is the largest holistic food market in York Region.  A diet free of gluten, dairy, sugar would not be easy at all if it were not for this mega size health store. I feel so blessed to sit down every night to a healthy homemade meal and do not take it for granted ever.

I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving weekend.

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