Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A little more mud and laid up!

Well we all know that real life reno's aren't complete as quickly as they are on TV, don't we? We started this little overhaul (second time around) in the beginning of the summer  because our  6 year old  front loader's inner drum bracket arm broke and repairing it was an unbelievable  500 smacks!  There were vibration issues with the brand new one and we got it replaced with an upgrade (no charge) and now it has even more issues. So until that is all sorted out we won't finish up with the counter that is going to be built around the machines.  I'm very frustrated and in no shape right now to argue with them so it will have to wait.

Instead I thought I'd show  a few pics I snapped on the weekend  minus the cabinet. I must have beginners blog excitement, I can't seem to not show the mudroom even though it is not completely done yet.  I am such a white lover and am very pleased to say that my honey thinks it looks great out there, soooo just maybe I will get to slap  some more white paint in other rooms, fingers crossed!

But before that I thought I'd show you a simple cheap transformation.

I found 4 of these neat raised shell pictures at Value Village for 12 dollars each  years ago and they were in nasty gold frames with the matte the same colour as the colour surrounding the shell. I cut off the old matte and popped them into an inexpensive white frame and white  matte from Walmart  that is the perfect size to let some of the darker outline of the stepped matte still show and think they just sing now. Because there are four of them and not enough room I won't put them in the mudroom but I like how they one of them looks here for now until I get some other pics.  Now why didn't I do this sooner?

and now the mud/laundry/porch

The counter is an old top we made for a desk a while ago out of mdf and painted grey with a pearl glaze and just happens to be the perfect size and thickness. It will get a new laminate sheet added so it will match the sink counter.   I know everyone has Ball jars but I have one with a special little something for my laundry room. Just look what the vintage cloth sticker says.

Water for steam iron, perfect to me!

For fun  I moved our two kitchen chairs and table out there and added a couple of new cushions I bought last weekend from Home Sense for our bedroom.    My honey wants me to leave it but I told him that I don't look forward to my butt hitting the table every time I do a load of laundry. I want a rustic bench to go there eventually. For now while the weather is good we'll keep the chairs and table there  to sit and  enjoy the last days of fall.

I already had the serendipity sign and thought the colour went well with the back door. All I did was painted the dark brown frame white. The mirror came from an old dresser we bought last year and I kept the old glass in it with it's patina spots and also painted the frame white.

tea anyone?

The Boca Raton Blue door has grown on me. I think I will keep it.

I was going to post on the weekend but had a little detour. When I took my mom downtown (and might I add sadly could not make it to her previous two  because I was not well enough yet) for her specialist appointment I ended up with severe abdominal pain around noon. As we tried to make our way back home, what is normally a 45 minute drive home, became hours as the Don Valley (parking lot we call it because you are parked on it instead of moving most times)  was closed. I was in unbearable pain and ended up in emergency and  found  out it was my appendix. I had it removed yesterday and am now home and resting for the next week or two.

I have to say if I had not been doing as well as I have been lately since taking myself of synthetic thyroid hormone, namely levothyroxine and got on natural thyroid hormone with adrenal support then I would not have come out of this surgery as well as I did. I am so very very thankful for the change in my life that is slowly occurring because of natural thyroid hormone and the help I have received from the selfless ladies on the yahoo groups message boards. I hope this surgery  healing continues as good as it has started.

Well I look forward to lots of blog reading and posting again soon since I'm off with nothing to do but rest.  I'd love to hear what you think!


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