Thursday, August 26, 2010

A new beginning and Moms talent.

Hello and welcome!

I have been deliberating over this for some time now and today I just decided to go for it. I have been inspired by so many incredible design blogging women that I can no longer contain the urge to jump in and give it a go. Baby steps right?!

I thought I would show you a delightful painting by my talented Mom along with some gorgeous corbels we found at an antique barn in Bobcaygeon. Can you believe Mom doesn't quite think she is that good? We are so lucky to have a few pieces of her artwork in our home and it makes me so proud.

Now my jaw dropped when my hubby came walking around the corner of that antique barn with those antique corbels ( he likes to run ahead and quickly scout out the place ahead of me while I slowly meander along taking in every little nook and cranny) as they were more even more beautiful than I thought I would find for just the right price. We had visited a few antique salvage places looking for them but they were always too large and too much money and or damaged or not the right style. They are the perfect size to support the narrow shelf in the front hall below my chunky white round mirror or I may use them for shelving in the mudroom and not paint them, only time will tell.



RH said...

Love those little wood things. Good job on the blog!


Barb said...

Come on..more...that was like giving someone a tiny piece of candi bar and have to wait for more...I love reading others you though havent jumped in on the idea!! Your mom definately has talent...I finally got them to do a free T3 T4 test on me...results arent in yet.

Sandra said...

Hey Rob, thanks!

Awesome Barb, I am so glad you have done that, it could tell so much about what is going on with you. Have a great day!


Sandra said...

Hey guys forgot to say thanks for being my first comments! Whoohoo! Barb, you should blog about life at the Marina, never a dull moment there and lots to tell and share right?


deep said...

Look at that artwork. On all counts, the painting, the finds, the blog and the newlyweds' photo too ; )

Furthermore, all I can say is, it's about time! : )

Love n Hugs,